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Kinesiology (kinn-easy-ology) comes from the word kinetic, meaning moving energy. Kinesiology identifies and corrects the energy imbalances (stress) held in the body and in so doing, strengthens and enhances the person’s natural healing ability, performance and quality of life. Kinesiology ultimately helps people become healthier and happier.

Kinesiology orginated in the 1960’s from the chiropractic field and has effectively adapted many popular western and eastern modalities such as: anatomy and physiology, Traditional Chinese Medicine, chiropractic, massage and muscle therapies, acupuncture, homeopathy and more.

One of the major strengths of Kinesiology is its ‘holistic’ approach, which means that rather than deal with a problem in isolation, Kinesiology facilitates healing and balance in all body systems, including the physical, emotional, chemical, mental, subconscious and spiritual. Whether a person has a physical injury or illness, an emotional stress, a learning difficulty, an allergy or simply a goal they want to achieve in their life, Kinesiology has the techniques and strategies to help people achieve lasting improvements.

Kinesiology is very complementary to all other medical treatments and natural therapies.

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Any person of any age (new born to the elderly) and with any need or disability can benefit from Kinesiology.

Kinesiology can be used to improve performance, education, sports, business, health, emotional and physical wellbeing, the achievement of goals and the success of other treatments. Kinesiology can do this because it creates balance and harmony in all functions of the body no matter what the problem or goal may be. Once the body is in balance around the problem then the body is better able to heal itself and achieve the desired outcomes.

Diane Poole, Principal Kinesiologist with Canberra Kinesiology has helped adults and children alike overcome or improve the following conditions and situations:

  • chronic and acute illness
  • cancer and treatment support
  • injuries, aches and pains
  • autoimmune and immune conditions
  • allergies
  • thyroid imbalance
  • hormonal imbalance
  • nutritional sensitivities and deficiencies
  • digestive disorders
  • respiratory conditions
  • co-ordination problems
  • learning difficulties
  • child behavioural issues
  • weight gain/loss
  • self-esteem issues
  • fears and phobias
  • addictions
  • anxiety and depression
  • stress – all types
  • emotional issues
  • relationship issues
  • work, school and sports performance
  • sleep disturbances
  • skin conditions
  • limiting thoughts, perceptions and beliefs
  • self-sabotaging
  • unhappiness
  • fatigue
  • general wellness maintenance
  • and more…

Diane is happy to answer your questions about Kinesiology. Contact us to find out more.

Read more about the benefits other people from around the world have experienced with Kinesiology.

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Kinesiology uses gentle muscle ‘testing’ or ‘monitoring’ as a versatile tool for identifying the:

  • underlying cause of a person’s health or life problem, and
  • best therapy techniques to correct the imbalance.

To explain, the body keeps a record or memory of every move, thought, emotion and stress it has ever had and the muscle testing is able to tap into this subconscious memory. Muscles respond to shifts in energy. When the Kinesiologist challenges the body with a stressful stimulus or memory (eg a thought, feeling, movement, chemical, food, memory etc), there is a corresponding drop in energy flow in the body and the muscle test will present as ‘weakened’ or ‘unlocking’. In this way the Kinesiologist can pinpoint the root cause of a peron’s illness or problem, and further identify the best therapy technique to re-balance the body.

Muscle testing takes the guess work out of the healing process because the body will indicate what it needs to perform better.

Once the body’s energy systems (eg the physical, emotional, chemical, mental and spiritual systems) are in balance around the ‘problem’ or ‘desired outcome’ the body’s natural healing force is freed and strengthened. This enables the person to progress their healing, overcome their problems, perform better and be happier.


There are a comprehensive range of Kinesiology techniques Diane uses to bring the body’s energy back into balance.  These techniques are gentle, non-invasive and safe and include:

  • PSYCH-K®
  • meridian and acupressure points
  • muscle balancing and stimulation
  • neuro lymphatic massage and balancing
  • vascular and vertebral neuro reflex points
  • cranial balancing
  • reflexology
  • rapid eye movement (REM)
  • emotional and mental stress diffusion
  • sound and/or colour therapy
  • neuro linguistic balancing(NLP)
  • guided imagery
  • affirmation work
  • flower essences and vibrational remedies
  • essential oils – aromatherapy
  • limiting thoughts, perceptions, beliefs reset
  • positive behaviour and thinking strategies
  • self-sabotaging pattern release
  • past stress clearing
  • food/chemical allergy and sensitivity balancing
  • counselling/ongoing care and support
  • change management
  • homeopathic and herbal medicine
  • nutritional and supplementary support

Diane Poole is trained and assessed as competent in each of these techniques. Please Contact us if you require more information.

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  • is one of the few therapies that enables the body to ‘talk’ by indicating, via muscle testing, what the underlying problems is, why it is there and what is needed to help overcome it. This helps ensure each person is getting the best support for their body as indicated by their body to achieve the outcomes they desire.
  • addresses more than symptoms. Kinesiology is an ‘holistic’ natural therapy in that it assesses and balances a health or life problem from all dimensions including the physical, emotional, structural, chemical, electrical, mental, spiritual, social systems.
  • is multi-disciplinary in that it uses a wide variety of techniques and modalities to balance the body – not just one or two – see Therapy Techniques above.
  • helps identify and resolve the underlying subconsious, emotional and often self-sabotaging blocks that are limiting a person from progressing their health, overcoming their problems or achieving their personal goals. Diane Poole has the techniques and experience to facilitate these processes in a supportive and gentle way.
  • honours and enhances each person’s innate and individual ability to heal themselves and to perform at his or her best. We all have the potential to heal and better ourselves, it’s just knowing how. Kinesiology has the tools and techniques to facilitate this process for each individual so that they feel personally empowered and in charge of their lives.
  • provides benefits to such a wide variety of health and well being issues because Kinesiology balances the ‘whole’ person e.g. the person’s body functions, their thoughts, attitudes, feelings, their related past experiences, their nutrition. Sometimes it can be as simple as changing a person’s view about the burdens they carry. The healing that can come from this is subtle, but profound.
  • releases the physical and emotional stress symptoms and detects and releases the original ‘stress’ that caused the problem in the first place, even if it was years ago.
  • identifies and provides the ongoing strategies and support a person needs to achieve lasting improvements in their lives, such as nutritional support, change and stress management techniques, goal achievement etc
  • is good for people of any age, gender or ability. Kinesiology is very safe and effective for children and babies.
  • is gentle, safe, non-invasive and empowering. Most people after a Kinesiology session feel more confident, calmer and happier.
  • is very complementary of other medical and alternative/natural therapies. People have often reported that Kinesiology has increased the benefits of other treatments and alleviated adverse side effects.

Kinesiology gives you the opportunity to improve your quality of life so that you ‘thrive’ rather than just ‘survive’. Canberra Kinesiologist Diane Poole has the training, tools, techniques and experience to help you create better health and happiness in your life.

If you are still not sure whether Kinesiology can help you or if you have any questions please feel free to contact Diane for assistance.

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