How does Kinesiology work?

How Does Kinesiology Work?

Kinesiology uses gentle biofeedback muscle ‘testing’ (mainly the arm) to ‘communicate’ with your sub-conscious mind and body to identify the:

  • the underlying cause of your health or life issues (past, present or anticipated future) and
  • the best therapy techniques to correct the imbalance according to your individual needs.

To explain, your body keeps a record or memory of every move, thought, emotion and stress it has ever had and the muscle testing is able to tap into this subconscious memory. Muscles respond to shifts in energy. When the Kinesiologist challenges your body with a stressful stimulus or memory (eg a thought, feeling, movement, chemical, food, memory etc), there is a corresponding drop in energy flow in the body and the muscle test will present as ‘weakened’ or ‘unlocking’. In this way the Kinesiologist can pinpoint the root cause of your illness or issues, and further identify the best therapy technique to re-balance the body.

Muscle testing takes the guess work out of the healing process because the body/subconscious will indicate what it needs to perform better.

Once the body’s energy systems (eg the physical, emotional, chemical, mental and spiritual systems etc) are in balance regarding the ‘problem’ or ‘desired outcome’, the body’s natural healing force is freed and strengthened. This enables you to progress your healing, overcome your problems, perform better and be happier.