Kinesiology Research

Diane’s Study –Effectiveness of PKP Kinesiology in Reducing Stress, Anxiety and Depression

10 participants in the study completed a self assessment form (The Depression, Anxiety and Stress Scale –short version DASS-21) before and after attending 3 Kinesiology sessions over 6-10 weeks.

The study results showed the PKP Kinesiology protocol reduced the stress, anxiety and/or depression levels in the study group and the average improvements were:

  • stress level  – 56.87%
  • anxiety level  – 53.83%
  • depression level  – 71.59%

Download Study Report (PDF File)

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Clinical Trial of PKP Kinesiology for Chronic Low Back Pain 

Single-Blind, Randomised Controlled Pilot Study

A clinical trial of Professional Kinesiology Practice (PKP) for chronic low back pain undertaken through the University of Southamptom in the UK and led by Dr Susan Eardley (Fellow ICPKP) has been published in the July 2013 edition of Forschende Komplementärmedizin.

“Back pain is a common problem which is not easy to treat using conventional methods” says Dr Eardley.  “The results of this study indicate that PKP may be a very powerful intervention for chronic back pain and we need to perform further work to confirm our findings.  If we can repeat our results in a much larger study then the benefits to PKP as a profession would be immense”

By Susan Eardley, PhD Complementary and Integrative Medicine Research Primary Medical Care, Aldermoor Health Centre Aldermoor Close, Southampton, UK