What is Kinesiology?

What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is a highly effective health and wellbeing therapy that helps you relieve stress and unlock your potential for healing, success and happiness.

Kinesiology therapy came from the chiropractic field in the 1960’s.  It has expanded over the years to use many types of gentle and effective therapy techniques.  These techniques come from a range of western and eastern modalities such as: anatomy and physiology, Traditional Chinese Medicine, chiropractic, Neuro Linguistic Programming(NLP), massage and muscle therapies, acupuncture, homeopathy and more.  See more Therapy Techniques

A key strength of Kinesiology is its use of bio-feedback muscle testing.  The muscle testing is used to go behind your symptoms to identify and harmonise any limiting conscious and subconscious stress responses, behaviours and patterns at their source.

These limitations can be caused by past, present or future stress, traumas, thoughts, beliefs, emotions, foods, chemicals, environments, pathogens, inherited traits etc.

Kinesiology is comprehensive and ‘holistic’ in how it identifies and harmonises these stresses and the conditioning that goes with them.  Kinesiology does this by harmonising all systems – including your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, electrical, chemical, genetic, nutritional and subconscious.  In doing so your natural healing ability, health, wellbeing and empowerment are strengthened.

Whether you have a physical injury or illness, an emotional stress, a learning difficulty, an allergy or simply a goal you want to achieve in your life, Kinesiology has the techniques and strategies to help you improve.

For example, Kinesiology can help you:

  • relieve stress and pain
  • relax, be happy and enjoy life more
  • improve your health and wellbeing
  • live with more energy and vitality
  • reset limiting perceptions, beliefs, thoughts and behaviours
  • identify and release self-sabotaging patterns (conscious and subconscious)
  • breakthrough barriers and blockages
  • achieve your goals
  • feel more fulfilled in life

Kinesiology is also very complementary and supports the benefits of medical treatments and other natural therapies.