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Diane Poole is a certified K-Power® Instructor who offers 15 of the Kinesiology based training programs.  These non-certified one and two day workshops are designed for a variety of users, including  Manual Therapists, Mind and Body Therapists and for people wishing to use Kinesiology for themselves and their family and friends.

Upcoming workshop:

Easy Stress Relief Workshop 

Sunday 11 August 2019

This workshop includes effective self-help Kinesiology techniques and more to help you:

  • calm your mind and body
  • increase your energy
  • lift your mood
  • sleep better
  • know what you and your body need to be healthier

Research shows that stress has a major influence on our mood, sense of well-being, behaviour, and health. Knowing how to recognise stress early and respond with flexibility, adaptability and resilience is vital to staying healthy and happy.

If you are experiencing stress that limits your quality of health and life, then I highly recommend this workshop to you. You can use the techniques to help your family and friends too.

Workshop Details:

  • Date:      Sunday 11 August 2019
  • Time:      8.45am (for 9am start) until 4pm

  • Cost:      $200 and $170 for other family
                        members(includes resource manual)
    $40 for people repeating workshop

  • Venue: To be Advised

  • To Register Call Diane On:        0428 363 010
    by Wednesday 7 August 2019
  • Or Email: 


Other Available K-Power Workshops

Stress Management Series:

  • Stress Release Made Easy (1 day)
  • 5-Element Fundamentals & Muscle Testing Basics for Mind-Body Therapists (2 days)
  • Mastery of Emotional Stress Release (2 days)
  • Overcoming Co-dependency (2 days)

Manual Therapists Series:

  • 5-Element Fundamentals and Muscle Testing Basics for Manual Therapists (2 days)
  • Core Muscles and Techniques (2 days)
  • The Shoulder/Arm Protocol (1 day)
  • The Elbow, Wrist and Hand Protocol (1 day)
  • The Hip/Thigh Protocol (1 day)
  • The Knee, Ankle and Foot Protocol (1 day)

Personology – Instinctual Behaviour Series:

  • Your Face is Talking To Me (1 day)
  • Your Face is Talking Again (1 day)

Other K-Power® workshops:

  • New Perceptions in Life and Living – Flower Essences (2 days)
  • Tibetan Energy and Vitality (1 day)
  • Epigenetic Healing Cycles (1 day)

These effective and easy-to-apply workshops have been designed by K-Power® Global Health and Fitness Ltd.

More information

Workshop Fees:   

1 Day Workshop:

  • $200      Individuals
  • $170       Other family members attending the workshop
  • $170       Per person for Group Bookings of 4 or more

2 Day Workshop:

  • $300       Individuals 
  • $250       Other family members attending the workshop
  • $250       Per person for Group Bookings of 4 or more

Includes Workshop manual

Repeating Workshop: $40 per day

Interested in a Workshop?

Diane can run these workshops on request if you have four or more interested people. Or put your name down for a time in the future and Diane will be in contact when she is running one.