For Professional and Personal Use


Diane Poole is a certified K-Power® Instructor who offers 15 of the Kinesiology based training programs.  These non-certified one and two day workshops are designed for a variety of users, including  Manual Therapists, Mind and Body Therapists and for people wishing to use Kinesiology for themselves and their family and friends.

Available workshops

Stress Management Series:

  • Stress Release Made Easy (1 day)
  • 5-Element Fundamentals & Muscle Testing Basics for Mind-Body Therapists (2 days)
  • Mastery of Emotional Stress Release (2 days)
  • Overcoming Co-dependency (2 days)

Manual Therapists Series:

  • 5-Element Fundamentals and Muscle Testing Basics for Manual Therapists (2 days)
  • Core Muscles and Techniques (2 days)
  • The Shoulder/Arm Protocol (1 day)
  • The Elbow, Wrist and Hand Protocol (1 day)
  • The Hip/Thigh Protocol (1 day)
  • The Knee, Ankle and Foot Protocol (1 day)

Personology – Instinctual Behaviour Series:

  • Your Face is Talking To Me (1 day)
  • Your Face is Talking Again (1 day)

Other K-Power® workshops:

  • New Perceptions in Life and Living – Flower Essences (2 days)
  • Tibetan Energy and Vitality (1 day)
  • Epigenetic Healing Cycles (1 day)

These effective and easy-to-apply workshops have been designed by K-Power® Global Health and Fitness Ltd.

More information

Workshop Fees:   

1 Day Workshop:

  • $150       Individuals
  • $130       Other family members attending the workshop
  • $130       Per person for Group Bookings of 4 or more

2 Day Workshop:

  • $220       Individuals 
  • $200       Other family members attending the workshop
  • $200       Per person for Group Bookings of 4 or more

Workshop manuals: $30

Repeating Workshop: $30 per day

Interested in a Workshop?

Diane can run these workshops on request if you have four or more interested people. Or put your name down for a time in the future and Diane will be in contact when she is running one.