About Canberra Kinesiology

For over 15 years Canberra Kinesiology has been helping people of Canberra, Australia and around the world unlock and express their potential for healing, vitality and empowerment.

Principal Kinesiologist, Diane Poole is committed to providing professional, effective and caring kinesiology services and to deliver these services with  honesty, integrity, respect and confidentiality.   Services and support include:

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Diane PooleAbout Diane

Diane Poole is a:

  • Qualified Level 5 Kinesiology Practitioner registered with the Australian Kinesiology Association.
  • Certified K-Power® Instructor
  • PSYCH-K™ Facilitator

Diane has a HL T51507 Diploma of Kinesiology and has over 26 years of training and experience in ‘Touch For Health’, Professional Kinesiology Practice and more recently PSYCH-K™ belief facilitation.

Under the stewardship of the Australian Kinesiology Association (AKA), Diane satisfies all registration requirements including operating according to the Association’s Codes of Practice, Conduct and Ethics and maintaining continuous improvement of her professional knowledge and skills.

Diane is also qualified to deliver 15 of the K-Power® Kinesiology based workshops that provide practical techniques for personal use at home and for health-care providers to use in their practice.

When Diane embarked on her Kinesiology training she chose a certified program offering the highest standard of care and safety to clients.  Diane was attracted to the International College of Professional Kinesiology Practice (ICPKP)  because it was developed by a medical practitioner – Dr Bruce Dewe MD NZRK and Joan Dewe MA NZRK and ICPKP was the leading provider of course material and assessment tools in Kinesiology.

The ICPKP program was the world’s first 4 year professional qualification bringing professional discipline and quality to the teaching of kinesiology, including the assessment of practitioners and instructors to the required professional competency.  Reinforcing these high standards and quality assurance, Dr Dewe and Mrs Dewe continue to train instructors and support practitioners around the world, both personally and through the College.   All therapy techniques have been well tested to ensure they support and enhance  medical treatments and other therapies.

Diane also brings understanding, compassion and insight to her consultations and workshops drawing on her valuable life experiences and wisdom including being a mother of 3, sole parent, partner, public servant, successful sportsperson and from managing her own health and wellbeing issues such as recovering from chronic fatigue and vertigo, irritable bowel syndrome, ovarian cancer and an autoimmune thyroid condition.

With her comprehensive knowledge, skills and experience Diane helps clients create positive and effective change so that they live healthier, happier and more fulfilling lives.  She has brought significant benefits to people of all ages and abilities including expectant mums, babies (pre and post natal), children, mature age and people with varying disabilities.

Some Testimonials

“….[Diane has] practitioner skills of the highest quality, always with respect and empathy towards her clients. I confidently recommend Diane.”
Maureen Bell R.N. R.M. D.N.E.

“….[Diane’s] enthusiasm for Kinesiology, interest in helping others and gentle listening and people skills combine to make Diane a competent caring Kinesiology Practitioner…”
Jenne Burns, Dean, Chief Lecturer
Kinesology Schools Australia

“Diane has played an integral role in my ability to achieve success while maintaining a healthy and balanced sense of self. Diane as a practitioner is both scientifically minded and incredibly intuitive during the consultation.”
 Stewart Ward, Public Servant

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A message from Diane


Thank you for taking the time to visit my Canberra Kinesiology website.  I hope you feel more informed about Kinesiology and how it may be able to help you. I have seen some amazing results with my clients over the years, with most clients feeling a significant reduction in stress, greater clarity and focus and increased sense of wellbeing, peace and assurance in themselves, after just one session.  Whatever your issue may be, whether you want to improve your health or just feel happier in yourself and your life, I am confident I can help you achieve greater success. 

I love Kinesiology!  I do not know of a better therapy for helping overcome those limiting mind and body programs and conditioned responses that sabotage our ability to heal, to achieve our goals, to be happy, to be peaceful and to give and receive love.   I feel very privileged and grateful to know what I know and be able to help people in their journey to better health and happiness. 

Kinesiology is a powerful therapy with its comprehensive and wholistic versatility, enabling people to gently and effectively change their lives. To see people connect with their inner strength, their higher self and enjoy deeper fulfilment in life is most rewarding. 

Please feel free to contact me by telephone or email if you have further questions about Kinesiology or your situation.

Wishing you radiant health and wellbeing all-ways.