Therapy techniques

Therapy Techniques Used

There are a comprehensive range of Kinesiology techniques Diane uses to bring the body’s energy back into balance.  These techniques are gentle, non-invasive and safe, including:

  • meridian and acupressure points
  • muscle balancing and stimulation
  • neuro lymphatic massage and balancing
  • vascular and vertebral neuro reflex points
  • cranial balancing
  • reflexology
  • rapid eye movement (REM)
  • emotional and mental stress diffusion
  • sound and/or colour therapy
  • neuro linguistic balancing(NLP)
  • guided imagery
  • affirmation work
  • flower essences and vibrational remedies
  • essential oils – aromatherapy
  • limiting thoughts, perceptions, beliefs, attitudes reset
  • positive behaviour and thinking strategies
  • self-sabotaging pattern release
  • past stress clearing
  • food/chemical intolerance and sensitivity balancing
  • ongoing care and support
  • change management
  • homeopathic/herbal
  • nutritional support

If you are still not sure whether Kinesiology can help you or if you have any questions please feel free to contact Diane for assistance.