Study shows PKP Kinesiology reduces Stress, Anxiety and Depression

Canberra Kinesiology

Diane Poole of Canberra Kinesiology undertook a small study of 10 people to test the effectiveness of the Professional Kinesiology Protocol (PKP) in reducing Stress, Anxiety and Depression

The 10 participants completed a self assessment form (The Depression, Anxiety and Stress Scale –short version DASS-21) before and after attending 3 Kinesiology sessions over 6-10 weeks.

The study results showed the PKP Kinesiology protocol reduced the stress, anxiety and/or depression levels in the study group and the average improvements were:

  • stress level  – 56.87%
  • anxiety level  – 53.83%
  • depression level  – $71.59%

Download Study Report (PDF File)

Please contact Diane if you wish to know more.