Why is Kinesiology so effective?

Kinesiology gives you the opportunity to improve your quality of life so that you ‘thrive’ rather than just ‘survive’. Canberra Kinesiologist Diane Poole has the training, tools, techniques and experience to help you create better health and happiness in your life.


  • is one of the few therapies that enables the body to ‘talk’ by indicating, via muscle testing, what the underlying problems is, why it is there and what is needed to help overcome it. This helps ensure each person is getting the best support for their body as indicated by their body to achieve the outcomes they desire.
  • addresses more than symptoms. Kinesiology is an ‘holistic’ natural therapy in that it assesses and balances a health or life problem from all dimensions including the physical, emotional, structural, chemical, electrical, mental, spiritual, social systems.
  • is multi-disciplinary in that it uses a wide variety of techniques and modalities to balance the body – not just one or two – see Therapy Techniques above.
  • helps identify and resolve the underlying subconsious, emotional and often self-sabotaging blocks that are limiting a person from progressing their health, overcoming their problems or achieving their personal goals. Diane Poole has the techniques and experience to facilitate these processes in a supportive and gentle way.
  • honours and enhances each person’s innate and individual ability to heal themselves and to perform at his or her best. We all have the potential to heal and better ourselves, it’s just knowing how. Kinesiology has the tools and techniques to facilitate this process for each individual so that they feel personally empowered and in charge of their lives.
  • provides benefits to such a wide variety of health and well being issues because Kinesiology balances the ‘whole’ person e.g. the person’s body functions, their thoughts, attitudes, feelings, their related past experiences, their nutrition. Sometimes it can be as simple as changing a person’s view about the burdens they carry. The healing that can come from this is subtle, but profound.
  • releases the physical and emotional stress symptoms and detects and releases the original ‘stress’ that caused the problem in the first place, even if it was years ago.
  • identifies and provides the ongoing strategies and support a person needs to achieve lasting improvements in their lives, such as nutritional support, change and stress management techniques, goal achievement etc
  • is good for people of any age, gender or ability. Kinesiology is very safe and effective for children and babies.
  • is gentle, safe, non-invasive and empowering. Most people after a Kinesiology session feel more confident, calmer and happier.
  • is very complementary of other medical and alternative/natural therapies. People have often reported that Kinesiology has increased the benefits of other treatments and alleviated adverse side effects.